About Me

I enjoy bringing order to chaos. Ideally, accounts that I manage never descend into true chaos, of course, but the process of coordinating all of the moving parts into a well honed machine satisfies that itch for me. I like making things work, and work well. For every process I am involved in I look for how it can be made better and more efficient; I work toward that ideal in everything I do. My skills blend communication and analysis in order to ensure that projects are completed at the correct pace, using only the allotted amount of resources. I feel that my dedication and skill in this area would be an asset to your team.

My passion for the dynamism of Social Media is what first drew me into marketing. I fell in love with the industry because meeting the unique needs of every customer and telling their story means that the job requires constant critical thought and adaptation. With my position at Captain Marketing, I soon became recognized as someone who was competent in cleaning up projects that had been neglected. My first task was to work through web development accounts had that stalled at various points in the process. I had to discover where the project was, why it stopped moving forward, and bring everything to a resolution with a happy customer and intact budget.

Once I started making headway into the list of web development clients, I was given a second clean up project. I began managing the Google Local Listings division of Captain Marketing which up to that point had not been performing properly. We were pivoting strategies, which meant that the existing accounts needed to smoothly transition to the new system. I oversaw transitioning the client accounts to the modern version of Google Listings, updating the accounts to current best practices, ensuring that we were meeting original obligations, and moving the accounts into the social media department to help stimulate positive results. Throughout this process, being able to coordinate between several departments while establishing concrete processes for future projects was a key function, along with making sure that the client felt that someone at the company was on their side.

Taking over mismanaged accounts means that I have experience in situations that would be rare under normal circumstances. I was brought into fraught client communications, beginning conversations when the customer was already upset. This has given me a good feel for how to turn a negative experience into a positive one, and how to keep a positive experience on track — creating rapport and customer retention. This same situation has helped me in prioritizing clients and meeting deadlines while managing customer expectations. I feel all of these experiences come together to make me a very strong candidate for a Digital Marketing position.

Erica K. Chase